A0.75 Update #4

Planet Explorers has been submitted for Steam approval. Now we just sit back and wait. We’ll put out the a0.75 version here on Saturday. For now, it’s time to hit the sack.

20 thoughts on “A0.75 Update #4

  1. Woot! Been waiting for the steam release to really get into playing can’t wait for next week and best of luck!

  2. 为什么中国地区steam 上还不能搜索到planet explorers的任何相关信息的?

  3. Well done guy’s.

    Think I’ll enjoy a cold beer tonight and play some PE to celebrate !!!

    • I think/hope they will release downloads here and steam once steam approves and releases. A weekend release is good marketing, more potential viewers/buyers.

      Thank you guys for working so hard on the update and steam release.


    • They said they would release on Saturday (their time) after they got some sleep. 🙂

  4. We’ll put out the a0.75 version here on Saturday
    hey! today is Saturday ,0.75 where?!!!

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