A0.95 Released on Steam

For this build, we continued our quest for feature completion. There was a delay of a week due to several bugs. We’ve added in more behaviors for animals and packs, as well as new animations (most likely some bugs). We’ve also added in more story pieces. We’ll try to finish out the main story by next build in early to mid-May. We tweaked a lot of the gameplay. We figured out some of the reasons why players couldn’t hit animals very well in melee and went about changing them. We’ve also tried to simplify controls where possible. Finally, we’ve tweaked the Adventure Mode terrain, hopefully, people will like this version better.


Fixed the fertilizer sprayer being able to spray on blocks
Fixed player cutting a tree and getting resources when an animal pushes it down
Fixed the Processing Facility clearing jobs at night
Fixed follower colony NPCs not returning to base after self revival
Fixed “Call Home” mission saving problem
Fixed storyline NPCs being hungry
Fixed diplomatic mission pulling Ataro away from the colony
Fixed farm NPCs wondering too far from the colony
Fixed followers circling a tree before helping cutting
Fixed bed disappearing

Fixed andhera staying int the sun during the day
Fixed getting attacked during “Fruit Delivery” mission
Fixed pressing twice to reload a turret
Fixed NPC stuck and not doing anything
Fixed the esc key not working when digging in first person
Fixed cutscene camera tilting in first person
Fixed pressing enter causing the game not to respond
Fixed not being able to hit sometimes
Fixed slow Adventure mode LOD rendering
Fixed flora mission not collecting plants
Fixed charger giving negative numbers
Fixed birds flying too far away
Fixed Joyride mission logic problem
Fixed Gerdy sometimes not giving a mission at start game
Fixed being able to pull out colony parts in dungeon sections
Fixed dropping an object on the player causing the player to fly away
Fixed flying robots sending the player flying off
Fixed bosses spawning in camps in Adventure mode
Fixed Allen Carter not hiding in the tent during battles
Fixed towns half underground in Adventure Mode
Fixed NPC farming animation not repeating
Fixed blood sample mission causing random NPCs to disappear
Fixed Lao and Adisa not helping player fight
Fixed NPCs not shooting and keep on backing up when the enemy is close
Fixed the door dropping 1 meter when opened once
Fixed NPCs addressing the player wrong in Adventure mode
Fixed Allen Carter running in circles around the player when being chased
Fixed animals running in circles before attacks
Fixed NPCs falling through the monorail
Fixed graves not saving at Layerback location
Fixed NPC behavior crash in multiplayer
Fixed sound not being synced with tree cutting
Fixed NPC not reverting after being disbanded as a follower
Fixed the map UI question mark showing up too close to the player
Fixed the durability numbers differing between the Fix Machine and the inventory
Fixed gathering followers causing a crash in coop story
Fixed followers cutting double rooted trees sometimes cutting at air
Fixed fix machine items not saving
Fixed NPC appearing with the same skill set twice
Fixed jump animation
Tweaked ship energy usage
Tweaked ship turn speed
Tweaked the Adventure mode terraces
Tweaked bullet sound effect
Tweaked birds’ flying animation so they don’t fly off too fast
Tweaked player attack movement so that the hit connects after an animal is pushed back
Tweaked the way animals run away so that players have a chance to hit
Tweaked turret type 01’s ingredients
Tweaked the distance players can pick up plants in first person
Tweaked birds’ hardness to kill, will also now drop diamonds
Tweaked night darkness
Tweaked smoked sausage and roasted meat’s ingredients
Tweaked cutting tree view in first person
Tweaked headlight effect
Tweaked headlight location
Tweaked boss spawning rate for missions
Tweaked the amount of copper and sulfur appearing in soil
Optimized NPC memory usage
Optimized Adventure mode rendering
Optimized GC Collection
Added 10 new animals
Added long press for keys
Added animals instant animation switch to allow for better behavior
Added smoke effect to first lifeboat
Added the tutorial
Added a flour script seller
Added a light to Lao’s headlight
Added some cutscene animation
Added UI resetting inside the window when switching resolutions
Added loot drops in the form of bright balls
Added environmental effects
Added cave ambient background music
Added light rain
Added reticle to first person
Added being able to drag an UI window halfway beyond the edge of the screen
Added pressing “e” to pick up dead plants, cutting trees, and harvesting
Added andhera’s reactionary behavior to light
Added the “alt” key for deletion in build mode
Added NPCs dodging enemy skill attacks
Added scrolling to the Workshop

A0.941 Released on Steam

A quick patch to fix some minor issues.


Fixed not being able to talk with NPCs after loading a save
Fixed vehicle recharge speed in colony
Fixed animals being pushed up into the air a lot
Fixed birds bouncing up and down in the air sometimes
Fixed giraffe animation bug
Fixed falling to the ground after swimming to about 50 meters in height
Fixed NPC getting twisted by IK when holding a gun or bow
Tweaked the time for loot to disappear
Tweaked NPC gun attack distance
Tweaked adventure mode terrain so that more mountains and hills appear
Added some colony prompts

A0.94 Released on Steam

In this build, we focused on AI attack behavior and the new and Adventure mode terrain rendering (work in progress, some places are sorta flat). We also made it possible for executing custom stories ingame, so now players can make story based custom maps. This is still the basic version with bugs, so we look forward to players giving us feedback regarding the editor and its execution. We also started our optimization of the garbage collection problem, there’s some minor optimization with terrain rendering, that should make the stuttering happen farther apart. We’ve found that most of the stuttering happen while Unity is clearing terrain memory, so we’ll be optimizing that from now on. We hope to see improvement by the next build in early April. We ran through and fixed most of the storyline bugs, players should be able to go all the way to the Negotiations mission now. Starting with the next build, we’ll be adding a lot animation and missions to the storyline. We’ll try to be story complete by a0.96.


Fixed SSAO affecting the digging box height position
Fixed not being able to open recharger UI in multiplayer
Fixed not being able to get on motorcycle
Fixed issue with having the main player being near for a tower defense mission to spawn monsters
Fixed alien attack mission auto completing when the player gets to far
Fixed missiles causing the camera to truck closer
Fixed player and NPC having different relationship with Pajans
Fixed object placement
Fixed crystal cave camera bug
Fixed calling home mission not saving materials
Fixed vehicle weapons not hurting animals
Fixed adventure towns npc spawning bug (causing more empty towns than usual)
Fixed NPC standing too close together
Fixed skill tree not equipping mining equipment
Fixed NPC without range weapons still attacking air targets
Fixed personal AI gun not being able to hit moving birds
Fixed refill bullets closing the turrets window
Fixed colony mission pointing to 0,0 point
Fixed main menu music stopping suddenly
Fixed mining script and skill tree conflict
Fixed NPC turning circles while pathfinding
Fixed GRV not going away after a certain story mission
Fixed player holding the npc while in Mars colony bug
Fixed Agnes disappearing from Earth camp
Fixed NPC with no money showing their name twice
Fixed Allen not moving in multiplayer when main player logs off
Fixed multiplayer continue loading when server going offline during load
Fixed 4X4 particle turret not centered
Fixed the male gold armor causing the arm to be transparent
Fixed the greenback rhino bouncing after death
Fixed getting blood sample from NPCs causing them to get kicked out of colony
Fixed followers falling off the monorail
Fixed not being able to dig when in water
Fixed water not under overhang
Fixed swimming with pick axe not having animation
Fixed player able to grab items from colony NPCs
Fixed effects causing stuttering when used for the first time
Fixed random NPC dialogue when giving the turret mission
Fixed water bump not being able to continuously pump water
Fixed fertilizer sprayer animation
Fixed not recording numbers for fire mission
Fixed layerback effect still going after its death
Fixed Gerdy being on the ground after loading her being carried by Allen Carter
Fixed NPCs trying to punch when equipped with a gun
Fixed NPCs still saying hungry and tired when not after a fast travel
Fixed UI not showing the different between the two different fertilizer sprayers
Fixed AI attacking another AI blocking its attack line
Fixed space bar plus hotkey causing problems
Fixed last ammo causing the player to enter the punch animation
Fixed aliens running underwater and shooting
Fixed not being able to continue mission when fast traveling during rescue Gerdy mission
Fixed NPC talk prompt causing player not being able to raise weapon
Fixed rocket launcher Pajan stuck in backing up animation when something’s blocking its path
Fixed Gerdy to Martian colony story logic problem
Tweaked how far plants are able to be planted so plants are easier to harvest
Tweaked AI attack behavior
Tweaked the amount of copper in adventure mode
Optimized terrain rendering
Added prompt for when colony does not have enough materials to upgrade
Added custom turret
Added Pujan NPC images
Added debuff effects to NPC UI
Added a couple of custom maps
Added Story Editor execution (custom stories can now run ingame)
Added new and faster adventure mode terrain
Added selection for turning off shadows for lights
Added new type 02 jetpack
Added followers gaining stamina when the player sleeps
Added NPC returning to base after a vehicle pushes them far
Added tree falling after being cut
Added tree falling effect
Added NPCs getting out of the way when the player walks through them
Added followers helping to pickup things and cutting trees
Added picking up ash box
Added the shockwave gun
Added UI position saving
Added personal AI lower power and HP warning
Added animal foot prints and graves for Ataro mission
Added putting the monorail cart directly onto the track

A0.931 Released on Steam

A small patch. Also a note on the stuttering in game, this is mostly caused by garbage collection (clearing out some of the memory), we haven’t fixed this yet because it’s caused by multiple things, so we’ll have to go through it one by one, but we are aware of the problem.


Fixed NPCs not fighting during Pujan attack
Fixed objects not stacking on each other
Fixed Nan dialogue bug with Tariq
Fixed Rol taking a follower spot in multiplayer story coop
Fixed not being able to get the Nan cave mission after cancelling it
Fixed NPC not traveling in story coop
Fixed animation bug of rolling while aiming
Fixed multiplayer tower defense bug in which monster disappear when the main player leaves the game
Fixed NPC BTCheckPosition crash

A0.93 Build Released on Steam

Hey everyone, we’re getting closer and closer to beta. In this build, we mostly fixed a lot of the NPC behavior problems. We also moved the game up to Unity 5.24, which should fix some of the vehicle physics problems. We went about fixing most of the story related bugs, so players should be able to play through what we have right now. We’re trying to wrap up the story before beta. For the next build, which will be around mid-March, we’ll be focusing on AI groups and AI behavior, Adventure mode features, as well as the World Editor along with its story editor.

Due to upgrading to Unity 5.24, we had to repack our assets, so this build is pretty big and might affect some saves (we’re not sure).


Fixed not being able to assign a job to Nan
Fixed NPCs standing too close
Fixed giant robots not shooting missiles
Fixed some NPCs not fighting enemies
Fixed planting time being reset upon fast travel
Fixed missions in adventure mode spawning enemies too close
Fixed NPCs not getting on the monorail
Fixed L1 section camera issues
Fixed ragdoll getting stuck when dying on signal tower
Fixed not being able to repair turrets
Fixed not being able to dig in water
Fixed farm not saving
Fixed arrow numbers not showing up
Fixed NPC not in towns unless reloading in adventure mode
Fixed multiplayer colonies not being able to upgrade
Fixed not being able to plant in multiplayer
Fixed monorail not being able to connect two ends
Fixed NPCs falling into the ground in multiplayer
Fixed multiple AI robot follower bugs
Fixed enemy inconsistency in multiplayer
Fixed not being able to place the repair machine on level 1 colony
Fixed NPC getting stuck in the Factory Replicator
Fixed farm UI
Optimized object spawning
Optimized group spawning
Tweaked nuke effect so that frame rate doesn’t drop
Tweaked the amount of rain
Tweaked the blurring underwater
Tweaked multiple story scenes
Added not being able to fast travel when on vehicle
Added mission failed UI prompt
Added followers helping player cut tree (when equipped with tree cutting equipment)
Added enemy missiles attacking multiple targets
Added torpedo effects
Added the Stay command for NPCs
Added colony self-sufficiency in multiplayer
Added some cave animals
Added middle mouse button for scrolling text
Added outline to UI numbering
Added launch facility location in the desert in story
Updated to Unity 5.24 fixing a bunch of physics bugs

A0.921 Build Released on Steam

A quick hotfix patch. Also a reminder that the World Editor is working pretty well now and that there’s actually a custom map that you can try out when you press Custom in the main menu.


Fixed Adventure mode NPC store UI
Fixed follower death being permanent when logging off right after in multiplayer
Fixed Training Facility not working correctly
Fixed NPCs not being in towns in Adventure
Fixed custom weapons hitting the player when in vehicle
Fixed not being able to aim weapons on vehicle
Fixed trees respawning in multiplayer after already being cut

A0.92 Build Released on Steam

Hey everyone, a new build’s here. This build was mostly used to fix story problems. The storyline now hopefully goes to where we actually have it. The next build will be released by the end of Feb or early March and will have a fairly complete World Editor, new Adventure mode terrain, new animals, and new story additions.


Fixed scuba mask using oxygen on the ground
Fixed group AI disappearing when the server creator logs off in multiplayer
Fixed cylinder blocks
Fixed flying robot bosses not landing
Fixed NPC able to do work in bed
Fixed infinite tree cutting bug
Fixed Nan teleporting to the top of the Andhera cave
Fixed bugs with Firebear mission
Fixed HP bar being too big when close
Fixed NPC falling into the ground in multiplayer
Fixed L1 section crash bug
Fixed Collection Facility not saving
Fixed adventure mode missions and rewards not matching
Fixed Rol not fighting
Fixed save crashes
Fixed planting crops and not getting harvests
Fixed eyes problems for mainline male NPCs
Fixed fishbones not disappearing in the Big Fish mission
Fixed Adisa showing up in the Martian camp
Fixed Gerdy disappearing
Fixed digging causing the player to get stuck
Fixed hiding parts in the Creation Editor not working
Fixed Mariturtles getting pushed off the ground when walking
Fixed problem with NPC Ben being killed off
Fixed block out of range bug
Fixed NPC turn animation
Fixed NPC conversation animation sliding
Fixed Gerdy sitting on ground when getting up
Tweaked skill tree
Added font check box in options for fixing blurry font (check only if you have blurry font!)
Added custom robot ingame
Added NPC moving aside
Added sitting in chair (press e)
Added robot fish AI boss (without attack behavior)
Added NPC in-camp actions
Added new skills to flying robot bosses
Added debuff effects
Added colony self sufficiency in single player

A0.913 Build Released on Steam

Another small patch.


Fixed Bury the Dead mission
Fixed follower death icon on big map
Fixed action_throw crash bug
Fixed colony UI crash bug
Fixed birds flying too high
Fixed NPCs with exclamation marks on their heads in multplayer
Added sounds to 4 turrets
Added a greenback to the Carter Camp defense mission
Tweaked some random NPC dialogue

A0.912 Released on Steam

Another quick patch. I should note that in the colony, if you install a medical facility, it’ll not use any medicine to heal the colonists, thus solving a pretty large balancing issue for now.


Fixed animals chasing to max chase range and stop responding to attacks
Fixed Chinese font problems
Fixed animal top speed limitation bug
Fixed animals not responding to vehicle fire
Fixed Linux not displaying animals
Fixed some Puja attacks not doing damage
Fixed overhead icons and letters getting too big when close to the camera
Fixed Chen’s sleeping position
Tweaked energy shield level and recovery speed
Added cutscene to the Andhera cave mission to get everyone out of the cave
Added colony NPCs can recover slowly from diseases by resting in a bed
Added colony NPCs can regain comfort level when resting in a bed
Added colony NPC disease UI

A0.911 Released on Steam

A quick patch to a0.91. We fixed the known crash bugs so far and some of the balance bugs. If there are more crash bugs, we’ll probably release another patch soon, if not, we’ll be releasing the next build as planned around the end of the month or early next.


Fixed server mismatch bug in multiplayer
Fixed the release follower crash bug
Fixed a follower crash bug
Fixed being stuck on the Tariq mission
Fixed not being able to change body shapes with male characters in the character creator
Fixed NPCs not being able to float up in the Big Fish mission
Fixed adventure mode town LOD problem
Fixed animals freezing after attacking
Fixed price display problem in multiplayer
Fixed ISO axe numbers problem
Fixed font problem (hopefully for everyone this time)
Tweaked NPC stamina and hunger decrease rate
Tweaked colony medical facility cure speed (5 sec instead of 20 min)
Added select all option in the scanner
Added knock backs to small AI