A0.883 Beta Build Released on Steam

To play this, you will need to opt into the beta branch. We have a bunch of animals with new behavior trees ready to go back in, just waiting for some outsourced animations to come back. VTOL and boats are going in next as well, then we can move on to the new stuff in the Creation Editor.


Fixed issue with NPC walking speed and animation not matching
Fixed issue with player hand at wrong position on object
Fixed issue with NPC not getting up after reviving
Fixed issue of not able to dig in Build Mode
Fixed issue of not getting up after reviving if carrying custom weapon
Fixed issues of some Layerback attacks not able to hit
Fixed issue of clock not moving after loading game
Fixed issue with item cool down time
Fixed issue with autosave
Fixed issue with the solar charger and repair machine disappearing after loading
Fixed issue with the mission UI window not positioning right
Changed the currency in Adventure mode
Changed the range where the player can pick up monster drops
Optimized UI windows
Fixed issue where the Replicator displays the wrong numbers
Fixed character head display issues in the UI
Temporarily stopped vehicles from collision damage (due to multiplayer issue)
Fixed issue where some animal attacks were not initiated
Fixed issue where some animals enter attack mode too slowly
Fixed issue with Adventure Mode generating too many random NPCs
Fixed issue with alien camps displaying the wrong texture
Added tool tips to the Build System UI
Changed the transparency of the UI blocks in the Build System
Fixed issue of unlimited materials when clicking undo in the Build System
Fixed issue where pressing ESC exits the Build System
Tweaked the position of player when entering multiplayer
Added NPC revive in multiplayer
Fixed issue with monster drops in multiplayer
Fixed issue with using materials when in the Build System
Fixed issue with displaying uncharted territory
Added doors, beds, lights, and custom objects in the Creation Editor
Added ability to learn mineral scanner scripts
Added some fish types

A0.8821 Beta Build Released on Steam

A small patch.


Added the hotkey “j” for the Creation System
Fixed issue of unable to place colony core in Build mode
Fixed issue of after exiting from Build mode items not tallying correctly in other modes
Fixed issue of NPC movement speed
Fixed issue of player hands on wheels in a vehicle
Fixed issue of unable to talk with NPCs in multiplayer
Fixed issue of NPC dying and popping up the interact window in multiplayer
Fixed issue with gathering items and displaying information

A0.882 Beta Build Released on Steam


Optimized memory usage
Optimized game loading time
Fixed Mac and Linux loading issues
Fixed Windows version opengl problem
Increase the weapon pullout speed
Fixed issue where the player pauses a bit after the digging animation
Fixed bug with Adventure mode generation
Fixed issue where new game can sometimes load old terrain changes
Fixed issue with building and plant generation and deletion
Fixed multiple colony UI issues
Fixed follower inventory equipment disappearing bug
Fixed NPC getting off vehicle bug
Fixed NPC not arriving at mission location bug
Fixed issue with not being able to equip some equipment
Fixed issue with not being able to revive random NPC
Fixed issue with conflicting hotkeys in build mode
Fixed issue with follower equip with right mouse button
Changed random NPC head picture
Fixed issues with Chinese UI
Added warning when getting new items in multiplayer
Added when encountering server login issues the game will back out to the lobby
Explored world map now consistent for all players
Fixed multiplayer NPC generation bug
Fixed multiplayer colony NPC saving bug
Fixed player getting on vehicle animation bug
Fixed non player controlled vehicle shaking bug
Fixed issues with tools playing the wrong sound effect
Fixed consistency issues with tools in multiplayer
Slowed down the speed at which online currency generate
Fixed issue with closing other players’ revive UI
Fixed issue with multiplayer projectile pathing
Moved location of axe to the waist (still being tweaked)
Can now change music volume from the main menu options
Added the Puja back in (still using old animation, parts of a new behavior tree, adding animation as we go)
Added the andhera queen with all new animation and behavior
Added sword swing effect
Added underwater sword swing animations
Jumping will now spend stamina
Added NPC punching animations
Added follower UI when in battle
Hotkey H will now open the mobile pc UI
Added tooltips to Build Mode UI
When vehicles get damaged, the player will also receive some damage

A0.881 Beta Build Released on Steam

This is a minor bug fixing build.


Fixed bug where the character moves while in Creation Mode
Fixed bug with cooling time for items
Fixed turret UI display bug
Fixed the UI initial position always being at the center of screen
Fixed issue with monorail UI
Fixed issue with the world map and the esc key
Fixed some sliding animation issues with AI
Fixed character animation mixing bug
Fixed texture displaying issue in Build Mode
Fixed unlimited energy for boosters
Fixed vehicle damage bug
Fixed vehicle without rider explosion crash
Fixed wheel control not moving while driving
Fixed vehicle lights not lighting up
Fixed bug with disembarking vehicle
Fixed multiplayer bug with using things from opposing teams
Fixed multiplayer bug with guns randomly flashing
Fixed multiplayer hp bar not moving with the vehicle
Fixed multiplayer vehicle energy boost bug
Fixed multiplayer vehicle position save bug
Fixed multiplayer other vehicles shaking bug
Fixed multiplayer equipment not aligned among players
Fixed multiplayer energy not aligned among players
Fixed multiplayer client initiation bug
Fixed multiplayer aim IK bug
Fixed multiplayer new player can’t see vehicle movements when entering game
Fixed multiplayer Workshop and Online Store UI problems
Fixed multiplayer friend list UI display bug
Added pressing esc key will close the top UI window
Added a form of auto target locking when attacking, should be able to hit smaller targets better (still tweaking this)
Added NPC and follower attack behavior
Added and changed the selection in Options, added Camera Inertia and HDR selections
Added UI to when NPCs revive
Added sound effects for vehicle explosions
Added movement resistance to vehicles when in water
Added effects for Andhera attacks
Sped up the night time in Adventure
Added a new bow to the Online Store

Alpha 0.88 on Steam Beta

Hey everyone, we’ve been keeping a low profile for a while as we’re crunching to fully finishing the a0.9 build (we’ve been doing overtime for about 5 months now). The bad news is, we’re still not there yet. I think we aimed a little too high with this build and somethings just didn’t pan out the way we wanted. But, we do have a working build that gives the feel of what we’re trying to achieve with the a0.9 build (especially the feel of the battle system). We’re going to call it Alpha 0.88, and it’ll stay in the Steam beta until a0.9 when it goes public. Here’s the changelist:

New face types
New hair types
New character animations
New armor types
Added dash (shift key)
New camera system
New particle effects
Added HDR
Added Glow effects
New weather system
Changed moon appearances
New water shader and underwater look
New building system that includes terrain, blocks, and inclines
New UI system
New AI system
New AI animations
New AI behavior tree
New AI sounds
New IK based player system
New IK based hit system
New houses in Adventure mode
World map now shows terrain type in Adventure mode
New physics
64bit client
New multiplayer lobby store (don’t worry, all free)
New multiplayer friend system
New programming structure for the game, allows for easier modding
New grass system
New World Editor options
New option to play custom maps
New colony buildings
New stamina/strength system
New skill system
New Main Menu
Added shotgun
Changed gun projectile pathing
Guns now reload
Gun reticles changed
New save system

We rewrote everything outside of the voxel system…some of it planned, some of it not really…I won’t say it’s a mistake to so drastically change the structure of the game mid-development, but things could have been better planned. Changing to Unity 5 also cost us a lot of time and created too many problems (mostly physics related). There are a lot of bugs in the current build, especially in story mode, not everything’s in yet. NPCs are very stupid, we haven’t done their behavior tree yet. Most of the animals aren’t in, their animations aren’t done (and some current ones need to be changed). However the rewrite will now allow us to update the game very fast, every 1-2 weeks, so we’ll be able to fix these problems fairly quickly. Sorry for the wait everyone, hope you enjoy the new changes and look forward to future development.

There are a couple of launcher problems with the Mac and Linux versions, we’ll try to fix these in the next few days. The new build is a huge download, so don’t switch to the beta build unless you’re up for it.

A0.9 Weather System

As we get closer to the release of A0.9, more and more systems are coming together. Here, we show you several new things going on in the game. The weather system has been updated to dramatically improve it’s efficiency and effects, rain will no longer fall through buildings and there are more ambient colors around to give a much more consistant look (it’s sped up in the vid). We’ve also updated the grass system so that grass will sway when things go through them, the wind will no longer be in set waves and instead will be random. The water shader has also been updated so that things walking through water will create waves. All of these together will make for a much richer world experience.

We’re mostly done with all the game systems that we set out to rewrite, we’re waiting for animations to come back from some of our sourcing partners as well as our own inhouse animators (we’re trying to do about 2200 new animations) to tweak these systems. Another problem we’ve encountered is that the physics in Unity 5 is very different from Unity 4, so we’re having to spend more time than we’d like on tweaking some of it (wheel, AI collision, aircraft). But overall, we’re pretty close to finishing out a0.9 (yay!).

A0.9 Update: Unity 5.0

Hey all, we’ve been moving the entire Planet Explorers project over to Unity 5.0 over the last couple of weeks. There are still some physics and shader related bugs that we’re going over, but, the overall results are pretty nice. 64bits, here we come!





A0.9 UI Work in Progress

Here’s a video of the new UI we’re preparing for a0.9. The new UI is faster and sleeker, it uses a more Windows-like design with a “start” button and a clear screen button. We tried to make the menus simpler in some cases, but game is what it is, so it’s not really possible to hide all the data that needs to be shown. This is still a work in progress, but we hope you like it.

On another note, Unity 5.0 just came out, we’re actively looking at porting our game over to the new version of the engine. There are lots of bugs and changes that we need to make, but we’re going over them one by one. We hope to have this done by the time a0.9 comes out in April.

A0.87 Released on Steam


We’ve just released the a0.87 build on Steam.


– Added the tutorial section of the Epiphany ship
– Added 4 new types of clothing
– Added several new buildings in Adventure mode
– Added new landscape features to Adventure mode
– Added the option to extend height to 512m in Adventure mode
– Tweaked town formation in Adventure mode

Of course, as always, we’ll try to fix and tweak any minor bugs in the coming days.

A0.9 Combat Work In Progress

There are a lot of things that still need work in the Planet Explorers alpha, but I think going into a0.9, we all knew that we needed to upgrade the combat system dramatically. We started with the animation and went from there. Pretty much all the key animations have been changed, now the player character will have different animations for hit, run, dash, different weapon types (staff, crossbow, dual wield, etc.), and much more. We’ve also included IK and ragdoll animations to give variety to all the different animation sets. We tried to make it so that the player isn’t fighting with the controls. One thing we’re making optional is the ability to attack where the player clicks.

On the AI side, we rewrote/modified the entire behavior tree, plus lots of new animations as well. We want the AI to feel smarter, to be able to dodge swords and bullets, to engage the player more naturally instead of always facing the player and throwing different attacks at a percentage rate as before. We also added in IK hit detection so that each hit from the player generates a visual response from the body of the AI.

Finally, we wanted the combat to have more oomph. Players getting hit by large attacks will fly a long way. Players getting hit with a smaller attack will show reaction from the part of the body that’s been hit. We’re still in the progress of modifying the camera and the UI so that they show a corresponding reaction with each hit, we’ll show off these as they come online. With all of that added together, we hope the combat will become a more satisfying experience for everyone.