A0.921 Build Released on Steam

A quick hotfix patch. Also a reminder that the World Editor is working pretty well now and that there’s actually a custom map that you can try out when you press Custom in the main menu.


Fixed Adventure mode NPC store UI
Fixed follower death being permanent when logging off right after in multiplayer
Fixed Training Facility not working correctly
Fixed NPCs not being in towns in Adventure
Fixed custom weapons hitting the player when in vehicle
Fixed not being able to aim weapons on vehicle
Fixed trees respawning in multiplayer after already being cut

A0.92 Build Released on Steam

Hey everyone, a new build’s here. This build was mostly used to fix story problems. The storyline now hopefully goes to where we actually have it. The next build will be released by the end of Feb or early March and will have a fairly complete World Editor, new Adventure mode terrain, new animals, and new story additions.


Fixed scuba mask using oxygen on the ground
Fixed group AI disappearing when the server creator logs off in multiplayer
Fixed cylinder blocks
Fixed flying robot bosses not landing
Fixed NPC able to do work in bed
Fixed infinite tree cutting bug
Fixed Nan teleporting to the top of the Andhera cave
Fixed bugs with Firebear mission
Fixed HP bar being too big when close
Fixed NPC falling into the ground in multiplayer
Fixed L1 section crash bug
Fixed Collection Facility not saving
Fixed adventure mode missions and rewards not matching
Fixed Rol not fighting
Fixed save crashes
Fixed planting crops and not getting harvests
Fixed eyes problems for mainline male NPCs
Fixed fishbones not disappearing in the Big Fish mission
Fixed Adisa showing up in the Martian camp
Fixed Gerdy disappearing
Fixed digging causing the player to get stuck
Fixed hiding parts in the Creation Editor not working
Fixed Mariturtles getting pushed off the ground when walking
Fixed problem with NPC Ben being killed off
Fixed block out of range bug
Fixed NPC turn animation
Fixed NPC conversation animation sliding
Fixed Gerdy sitting on ground when getting up
Tweaked skill tree
Added font check box in options for fixing blurry font (check only if you have blurry font!)
Added custom robot ingame
Added NPC moving aside
Added sitting in chair (press e)
Added robot fish AI boss (without attack behavior)
Added NPC in-camp actions
Added new skills to flying robot bosses
Added debuff effects
Added colony self sufficiency in single player

A0.913 Build Released on Steam

Another small patch.


Fixed Bury the Dead mission
Fixed follower death icon on big map
Fixed action_throw crash bug
Fixed colony UI crash bug
Fixed birds flying too high
Fixed NPCs with exclamation marks on their heads in multplayer
Added sounds to 4 turrets
Added a greenback to the Carter Camp defense mission
Tweaked some random NPC dialogue

A0.912 Released on Steam

Another quick patch. I should note that in the colony, if you install a medical facility, it’ll not use any medicine to heal the colonists, thus solving a pretty large balancing issue for now.


Fixed animals chasing to max chase range and stop responding to attacks
Fixed Chinese font problems
Fixed animal top speed limitation bug
Fixed animals not responding to vehicle fire
Fixed Linux not displaying animals
Fixed some Puja attacks not doing damage
Fixed overhead icons and letters getting too big when close to the camera
Fixed Chen’s sleeping position
Tweaked energy shield level and recovery speed
Added cutscene to the Andhera cave mission to get everyone out of the cave
Added colony NPCs can recover slowly from diseases by resting in a bed
Added colony NPCs can regain comfort level when resting in a bed
Added colony NPC disease UI

A0.911 Released on Steam

A quick patch to a0.91. We fixed the known crash bugs so far and some of the balance bugs. If there are more crash bugs, we’ll probably release another patch soon, if not, we’ll be releasing the next build as planned around the end of the month or early next.


Fixed server mismatch bug in multiplayer
Fixed the release follower crash bug
Fixed a follower crash bug
Fixed being stuck on the Tariq mission
Fixed not being able to change body shapes with male characters in the character creator
Fixed NPCs not being able to float up in the Big Fish mission
Fixed adventure mode town LOD problem
Fixed animals freezing after attacking
Fixed price display problem in multiplayer
Fixed ISO axe numbers problem
Fixed font problem (hopefully for everyone this time)
Tweaked NPC stamina and hunger decrease rate
Tweaked colony medical facility cure speed (5 sec instead of 20 min)
Added select all option in the scanner
Added knock backs to small AI

A0.91 Released on Steam

We spend the last three weeks fixing multiple bugs in the a0.9 version. This version is a lot more stable and smoother than the previous version. We’ll have another build out around the end of the month or early Feb. For that build, we’re aiming for more missions and ai features such as group behavior. We are reading the boards here and at our site, so if you have any bugs, please do send them in. That really helps us in a big way!

A0.91 Changelist

Fixed NPCs not eating in colony when sick
Fixed unable to equip ISO gun
Fixed death crash multiplayer bug
Fixed death movement when pressing cancel multiplayer bug
Fixed NPC changing to farmer and stopping work
Fixed NPC death save bug
Fixed random controller conflict
Fixed blurry font
Fixed NPCs going to work and not picking up anything
Fixed Big Fish mission
Fixed signal flare bug
Fixed Gerdy getting up to fight
Fixed NPCs falling to the ground below when loading the desert tower
Fixed Rol story buy after dam mission
Fixed birds seeing underground
Fixed projectiles missing when fired from up close
Fixed NPCs not drowning in water
Fixed server stuck on 100% loading
Fixed Mac unable to create server
Fixed NPC animation blending problems
Fixed random NPCs not fighting
Fixed NPC bug-eye and open mouth
Fixed falling through the ground when fast travelling
Fixed birds diving underground
Fixed aliens hurting their own tower
Fixed flying robot energy blade attack
Fixed follower head UI bug
Fixed cutting wood and getting way too much
Fixed shovels not being able to dig aluminum
Fixed passive animals not attacking vehicles after being attacked
Fixed issue with voxel building incline controls
Fixed issue with Allen Carter standing on Gerdy
Fixed Allen Carter not running away from hare
Fixed animals in groups not running
Fixed cutting tree animation timing
Fixed monkeys through projectiles
Fixed giraffe projectile direction
Fixed turrets shooting at animals behind terrain
Fixed Adisa running off right away after a story conversation
Fixed several story dialogue problems
Fixed animals turning bug
Fixed clicking small map not going to world map
Fixed tooltips not displaying percentages for debuffs
Fixed NPCs getting stuck coming out of the Andhera cave
Fixed arrow effect
Fixed animals not giving up the chase
Fixed NPCs going to the top of the desert tower
Fixed Puja weapon changing animation bugs
Fixed AI not continue to fight during a battle
Changed tree collision boxes
Changed some hotkeys to locked
Changed voxel terrain building so that grass gets deleted
Changed mainline story mission exclamation marks to purple
Changed Puja visual and hearing detection distance
Changed friend icon in world map in multiplayer
Optimized Puja animations
Optimized Puja pathfinding
Optimized some of the stuttering problems
Tweaked emanation tower collision
Tweaked the amount of AI appearing in coop mode
Tweaked alien tower HP
Tweaked Blindatillo mission
Tweaked Puja gun accuracy
Tweaked comfort level decrease rate
Tweaked disease rate
Tweaked car controls
Tweaked motorcycle controls
Tweaked turn and sheath weapon timing
Tweaked firebear mission
Increased plant picking area
Added effects for taking medicine
Added animal creation area to World Editor
Added hotkey “z” for running and walking
Added partial damage to animals (shells are hard)
Added animal action for chasing into water
Added camera pan to calcite mission
Added animals pouncing
Added campfire
Added NPC sleeping and eating in camp
Added bird stopping action
Added no death in Build Mode
Added follower eating food and taking medicine
Added sword trail
Added repair machine in multiplayer
Added solar recharger in multiplayer
Added Puja medic
Added torpedo effect
Added Puja injury
Added new Puja animations
Added new NPC animations
Added new music to swamp and desert
Added robots being able to push down trees
Added ability for followers to generate comfort levels while the player sleeps

A0.9 Released on Steam!

Happy Holidays everyone. Here’s the a0.9 build. It’s about a year late, and we are truly sorry for that, but sometimes, a major rewrite is needed (in retrospect, it’s up for debate). For players updating from a0.87, this is pretty much a new game. Everything has been changed over the last year. This build is a bit rushed, so we expect there to be bugs. We’ll straighten these out over the next two weeks. From now on, we’ll be updating directly to the release build instead of the beta. We will be releasing a new demo based on the a0.9 build within the next two weeks as well.

A0.9 Changelist
Fixed turrets not firing at enemies sometimes
Fixed turrets not firing when not hit by an enemy
Fixed jetpack animation
Fixed NPCs not returning after chasing an enemy
Fixed grenade projectile motion
Fixed giant robot enemy weapons projectile motion
Fixed ISOs disappearing after entering model scene
Fixed Paja creation error in the desert
Fixed world map not displaying anything in Adventure Mode
Fixed turrets filling up durability after being picked up
Fixed multiple colony UI bugs
Fixed herbs adding full HP
Fixed NPC spawning twice in camp
Fixed repair machines not using resources
Fixed kicking out NPC from colony and having the NPC disappear
Fixed issue where some scripts can’t be learned
Fixed issue of being able to pick up the ladder while on it
Fixed problems with bird projectiles
Fixed issue with NPCs not stopping for conversation in Adventure Mode
Fixed fertilizer gun projectile
Fixed issue with andhera not being scared of light
Fixed issues with respawning a follower
Fixed issue with NPCs waiting for food at the colony warehouse
Fixed issue with follower’s HP not being full at the start
Fixed issue with not being able to assign NPCs to some colony functions
Fixed multiple coop Story mode bugs
Changed the arrow hit effect
Changed comfort level lowering speed
Changed custom axe orientation
Changed the range of looting for follow player camera mode
Changed grenade throwing animations
Tweaked weapons collision
Tweaked vehicle driving controls
Tweaked animal attack timing
Tweaked shield sizes for colony
Tweaked some story missions for better presentation
Tweaked number of herds spawning
Added animal area attacks hurting over animals nearby
Added Puja camps to Adventure Mode
Added new medicines
Added a new prompt when trying to learn scripts that’s already been learned
Added NPCs putting weapons away when out of ammo
Added random color to NPC hair
Added random color for NPC skin
Added UI element for picking droppings
Added new story missions
Added a new story scene
Added randomized animal sizes
Added the Trade Post for colony in Story Mode
Added diplomacy to Story Mode
Added playable single player custom maps
Added scenario editor to the World Editor
Added ability to plant any object and AI in the World Editor
Added new missions in Adventure Mode

A0.89 Beta Build Released on Steam

We’re in the final stretch for a0.9, with this build we’ve added in a couple more key elements of that build, which are Story mode coop and the completion of all colony buildings. Right now we’re waiting on the completion of multiplayer custom maps and world editor story editing features, as well as several art assets for the story. Alien, Animal, and NPC behavior and animation will also see a significant upgrade before a0.9 comes out.

A0.89 Changelist

Fixed issue with bury dead mission
Fixed issue with NPCs wondering off and disappearing
Fixed issue with NPCs falling into the ground
Fixed issue with NPCs not responding right away when attacked
Fixed issue with the replicator not being able to replicate multiple objects
Fixed issue with AI position inconsistency in mutiplayer
Fixed issue with player position inconsistency in mutiplayer
Fixed issue with Repair Machine display
Fixed issue with player equipment UI tearing
Fixed issue with digging effects not displaying
Fixed issue with NPCs appearing in water in Adventure Mode
Fixed issue with andhera effect
Changed the amount of NPCs appearing in Adventure Mode
Changed the distance bosses appear in Adventure Mode
Changed NPC shooting accuracy to less than 100%
Changed NPC behavior so that they don’t just rush large bosses
Changed the pixel light count to a max of 50 in options
Changed mineral display colors in the scanner
Changed camera mode to F5, continue to press to change modes
Changed water fog to a lower level
Optimized NPC creation
Added ability to change hotkeys
Added new custom armor specs for materials
Added new custom parts for bow, laser rifle, and ax
Added coop for story mode (with bugs)
Added custom armor to multiplayer
Added robot enemies in GRV mission with new attacks and animation
Added robot enemies to other missions with new attacks and animation
Added UI display for picking things up and talking to NPCs
Added the drill
Added new story missions that extends beyond what’s in a0.87
Added food and sleep affecting HP, stamina, and comfort
Added durability for items
Added Training Facility to colony (able to train soldiers now)
Added new bird animations
Added new animals with new behavior and new animations
Added damage to building blocks and terrain from enemies
Added invincibility when getting up
Added new buff icons

A0.889 Beta Build Released on Steam

We’re getting into the final month before the a0.9 update. Lots of things to do and build, but overall, we’re getting ever closer. In this build, the biggest update is the ability to export custom armor. There are still some small problems here and there, but overall it works pretty well. We’ll be adding in custom armor stats over the next few updates. We’ve also gave aerial enemies a lot more punch. In the next build, we’ll also try to give you a look at co-op story mode, as well as more robot bosses.

Here’s a familiar custom armor made by a player:






Fixed player position consistency in multiplayer
Fixed NPC falling to the ground in cliff mission
Fixed issue with freezing animal group behavior
Fixed disease cool down time issue
Fixed issue with water display
Updated pathfinding programming, allows for differences between small and large animals
Added new bird behavior and animation
Added new Paja robot animation, effects, and behavior
Added building damage
Added the chainsaw and related animation
Added some new animation for first person view
Added NPC wait and run behavior
Added some new AI skills
Added animal droppings
Added custom armor export (single player only)
Story can now proceed all the way to GRV ship

A0.888 Released on Steam Beta

We waited a couple of weeks for Unity to fix a crash bug in 5.2, but it’s still not released yet, so we’ll just go ahead and release the current build rolled back to 5.0. This build added several things that players have been looking forward to, the most important being the first person view. This isn’t complete yet in this build, we’ll still be adding in first person specific animation in future builds. Next we’ve added back in the bird enemies with new behavior and animation, again, this isn’t complete, we have a lot more behavior sets and animations to add. It does give you a pretty good idea where birds will end up. With birds in the game, we’re almost done streamlining the storyline to where we can start adding in new missions and contents. We’re still on course to have a0.9 out by late November.


Fixed issue with NPC skills saving in multiplayer
Fixed issue with multiplayer AbnormalCondition
Fixed issue with IK and effects being at the wrong place
Fixed issue with colony storage and items bag not synchronizing
Fixed issue with NPC original clothing disappearing after putting on new clothing
Fixed issue with NPC not able to change cloth after a few changes of clothing
Fixed issue with not being able to learn new skills in the skill tree
Fixed issue with NPC changing jobs
Fixed issue with colony UI
Changed player attack animation and feel
Changed Items UI icons
Changed Character UI setup
Optimized grass generation, at least 20% faster
Optimized Character UI rendering
Added NPC being able to sleep to regain stamina in colonies
Added NPC skills (go gather, go hunt, etc)
Added NPC in colony jobs being affected by their skill sets
Added first person view, press F3 (no first person animation yet)
Added new aerial enemy behavior and animation
Added the medical facility to the colony
Added random diseases
Added the ability to form teams in multiplayer survival mode