This will get you into the alpha/beta, as well as the final game. Thanks to Valve’s generousity, this version will also get you a Steam key in addition to the stand alone key. The stand alone version currently does not have a working multiplayer, only the Steam version does. We will send you a link to the Steam key claim page along with the stand alone key once the preorder payment goes through. Sometimes the email might end up in spam, so please check there as well. If you’re having trouble receiving the key(s) in your email, please use this link here to resend.

Dual 2.0Ghz CPU, 2.5GB RAM, OpenCL compatible GPU (DX10.1+), 4GB HD 64bit

Recommended For Best Results:
Dual 3.0Ghz CPU, 4GB+DDR3 RAM, 64bit OS, DX11 GPU, 6GB HD

Planet Explorers Refund Policy

Planet Explorers is available for pre-purchase as an alpha product, incomplete and with bugs, with the aim of a bug free final build working on most machines. You are buying the final build, with the perk of playing the alpha and the beta. We do not promise that the alpha or beta builds will be bug free or will work on all machines.

Before making your purchase, you may try our free alpha build on the download page (a0.72 demo) to evaluate the game. You may also contact us at with any questions.

After purchasing Planet Explorers, you’ll receive a game key. As long as the key is not activated, you can request a full refund up to 30 days after purchase from Once the key is activated, you have 3 days (72 hours) to request a refund for the game due to performance issues only. Beyond the above time limitations, no refund will be issued. If you claim the corresponding Steam key, you will forfeit you right to a refund.

By placing a preorder for Planet Explorers, you are assumed to have read this refund policy, and have agreed with and fully accepted its terms. The policy only applies to the preorder on this page.

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  1. 我喜欢这个游戏,这款游戏的正式版是在什么时候发布呢?期待自带中午以及登陆steam!此外,登陆steam后价格是否会变动?

  2. Set another payment method.. in Paraguay we dont have Paypal.. set another method like skrill (ex moneybookers).. credit card.. ultimate game card… whatever!

  3. I was going to preorder it but the dollar exchange rate in my country grew so much it became unbearable… 🙁 Now I’d have have to pay 25% more if I really want to support the game. And no, I just can’t. Sorry.

    • Something I must add: here is some ideas
      $10 : umm, this is good, I must get it.
      $15: I have already had starbound and rust, but this is a different game in some ways. Watching some game’s videos and thinking if it is good enough to pay $15.

  4. 能支持中国的支付宝支付吗?一直想入正很久了但都没找到渠道啊

    To support Chinese Alipay payment? Always wanted to buy the game for a long time but failed to find the channel

  5. 0.75版本到chen zhen 那个挖矿npc就会出fetel error,就没法继续了。求助。

    The game ver 0.75 has a fetel error when I meet the npc “chen zhen”
    it says NullReferenceExpeception: object reference not set to an instance of an object …

  6. 在Steam 入正了。希望登录Steam能成为贵团队的一个耀眼的里程碑,同时希望贵团队能继续努力,继续给我们带来惊喜!