Beta 0.91 Released on Steam

We’re motoring along with the bug fixes and tweaks. We know there are some balancing issues in adventure and will be going over them this week. There will probably be 2 more builds this week.


Fixed 13 crash bugs
Fixed skill tree not causing the HP to rise in multiplayer
Fixed digging issue
Fixed opengl texture issue
Fixed follower gathering ability not working sometimes
Fixed not being able to send in the crash log in first person
Fixed duplication issue when the follower equip and unequip a weapon
Fixed Paja spawning after the end game battle
Fixed players being able to take story NPCs into dungeons in adventure
Fixed player character disappearing then appearing when falling very fast
Fixed opengl shadow issue
Fixed armor buffs not working in multiplayer
Fixed player getting crushed to death when fast traveling into a wall
Fixed trade post showing the wrong durability numbers
Fixed no invincibility after respawn in multiplayer
Fixed falling to death when sleeping
Fixed colony shield not hurting animals in multiplayer
Fixed human enemies shooting once then reloading
Fixed turret damage sound still playing after having picked it up
Fixed warbird range attacks being too high
Fixed followers not helping when attacking town buildings
Tweaked multiplayer so that players cannot build colonies in a town
Tweaked some sound levels
Tweaked some animal attack timing
Tweaked several spelling errors
Tweaked follower pathfinding inside dungeons
Tweaked loot drop in adventure so that more script gets dropped
Tweaked cave dungeon collision
Tweaked tutorial level
Tweaked adventure story mode script drops
Tweaked building model defense collision triggers
Tweaked town building HPs
Deleted NPC stamina UI (since it’s not needed)
Deleted the multiplayer points system and store
Added NPC farming skill so that farming becomes faster
Added invincibility after fast travel
Added armors from the multiplayer store to story and adventure modes
Added music to dungeons
Added more Andy talking points
Added Kickstarter ingame items (the codes will be sent over the next 2 days)
Added more voice overs
Added more cutscene animations