V1.0.7 Released on Steam

We’ve released the latest build of Planet Explorers on Steam. This version has the animal riding as well as some extra missions. This one took a lot longer than we planned as we decided to add in several new animals (in the end, only one made it in, it’s on one of the islands) and the animations took a while. We’ll add the rest of them in the next build.


Added trading card system on Steam
Added animal riding system in game (through Chen in story)
Added three more missions
Added a new monster boss
Added being able to select all scripts at world create in Adventure
Fixed the resource diplomacy mission not being able to repeat
Fixed bug in music player
Fixed items in inventory not being able to reorganize
Fixed players not being able to exchange items in multiplayer
Fixed bug in store page
Fixed bug in replicator
Fixed durability display error in Enhance machine and repair machine
Fixed UI bug in create mode under 2560 x 1440
Fixed multiple colony icon on map in multiplayer
Fixed the displaying error in storage box in multiplayer
Fixed several crash bugs
Optimized Chen’s background music.
Cleared and rebooted all the official servers

V1.0.6 Released on Steam

Hope everyone had a great time during the holidays. We wanted to add in riding animals in this build, but a few animation error delayed the release, so it will come in the next build. We have added in the music player, with that all the Kickstarter promises have been fulfilled. We are going to continue to fix bugs. We’re also aiming to get 2 add on missions added in the next build involving the two islands off the Galileo Continent. We also have a few more animals to add. Here’s a look at riding animals:

Changelist 1.0.6

Cleared and rebooted all the official servers
Fixed 10 crashes
Tweaked the maximum attack range for ISO swords
Fixed no ammo consumption for the follower’s second inventory
Fixed NPC skill disappearing when reload save file after fast travel
Fixed the durability data in build system inconsistent with the data after the export
Fixed ISO turret and ISO cannon not working after being attacked by monsters
Fixed repair machine stop counting after fast traveling in story mode
Fixed training station not working
Fixed Mac player not able to log in multiplayer
Fixed no firing sound for the natives
Tweaked the dps of ISO weapons
Optimized Chen’s background music (doesn’t repeat as much)
Optimized mobile phone UI
Optimized the workshop download/upload interface in multiplayer
Optimized the interface after pressing ESC
Added a new side quest for Chen (to enable music for player)
Added the music player in game, can open Ogg, Wav, Flac, and Mp3 from local file, available in the phone
Added save function for Phone UI
Added UI save function when riding with a vehicle
Added UI save function in build mode
Added the consumption for fertilizer sprayer and manure sprayer in multiplayer

V1.0.5 Released on Steam

Another update. We didn’t add in the story elements that we wanted, still tweaking some issues with adding in story elements without causing save problems, so hopefully next time. We’re also adding in a music player next time. The 32 bit version is up…but it’s not stable yet, it crashes after about an hour, so we’re still tweaking that as well. Finally, we’ve started on testing out if the player can ride animals…still not sure if it’ll be in, but we have some ideas on how to accomplish it.

Fixed some crash bugs
Fixed font errors in message box
Fixed no sound for reloading and shooting when using ISO gun
Fixed the range of turrets when enemy players attack from out of range
Fixed repeated conversation in the tutorial
Fixed followers getting too many items when collecting
Fixed missing sentences for Andy
Fixed mission cannot be completed when attacking opposed camp in multiplayer
Fixed the ambush mission not triggering after Todd dies in multiplayer
Fixed the repair machine not working properly
Fixed reloading sound and firing sound not synchronizing with the animation in multiplayer
Fixed some missions not completing after a server restart in multiplayer adventure
Fixed the colony icon of the opposed camp being seen sometimes
Fixed NPC disappearing in colony
Fixed GRV ships mission cannot be completed in multiplayer
Fixed skill level of followers
Tweaked sound logic when in third person
Added the great sword and dagger to the creation system
Added 6 language fonts in game (including Russain, French, Spanish, Italian, Germany, and Portuguese. The translation in these language will function well in game)
Added background music for Chen
Added particle cannon script being sold by Percy Malik

How to Add New Translation in Game

We’re opening up the language spreadsheet to players who want to help with the localization of Planet Explorers. Everyone who would like to translate the story or any UI content can edit this sheet. Here is the how-to:

First open Steam. Right click Planet Explorers and choose properties. Click local files tab in the new pop-up window and choose browse local files.
Game in Steam

Game in Steam

The folder you’ve just opened is where your game is installed. Find the file named i18n. This is the database for all the text in the game. The extension of this file is .db, so you will need the right software to open it. We use SQLite v2.1.
Local Language Database

You can edit all the text under Browser data tab by double clicking the text field.
Language sheet in SQLite

Or if you like, you can modify the table and create a new language sheet. Just to make sure the field type is text.
Language Spreadsheet in SQLite
Language spreadsheet in SQLite
Language spreadsheet in SQLite
Language spreadsheet in SQLite

Save and apply all the changes. Now you’ve finished most of the work, the rest is to load the new spreadsheet in game.

Click into the Option in launcher and switch to the language you would like to use. Then you are ready to go.
Planet Explorers launcher
Switch Language

These edited databases will not be attached to the game (the game officially only has English and Chinese), so for anyone who wants the translation to be other than English and Chinese, you will have to download the text databases that other people have shared.

V1.0.4 Released on Steam

A bunch of fixes this week. We fixed the skill tree resetting bug for real this time! We are also continuing to optimize the multiplayer code. Starting next build, we’ll be adding in more features and missions to the game. Once the current build stabilizes, we’ll be putting out the 32bit version and the standalone version on our site.

Added stamina expenditure for axe and sword use
Added settings for getting ISOs in dungeon (you will get different ISOs based on the level of dungeon)
Fixed firing sound not synchronizing with the animation
Fixed skill tree data issue
Fixed spelling errors in UI
Fixed no transmitter script in adventure
Fixed items being sold in the wrong store
Fixed several UI crash bugs
Fixed the scroll bar in the repair machine not being able to scroll
Fixed NPC job title not being updated after player assigned jobs in Personnel
Fixed zero durability loss for ISOs in multiplayer
Fixed the usage of monster beacon in multiplayer (now a team can only place one monster beacon)
Fixed multiple players cannot proceed with multiple monster beacons at different locations in multiplayer
Fixed load file error when saving game after loading old saves in multiplayer
Fixed skill tree not being able to save in multiplayer
Fixed the data storage error for terrain and plants in multiplayer
Fixed NPC skills not being able to initialize in multiplayer story mode
Fixed multiple ashboxes in coop story
Fixed firebear shooting multiple fireballs in coop story
Fixed NPCs following other players in adventure multiplayer
Fixed Tariq fighting the Puja when he should be running away
Optimized ISO export in multiplayer
Optimized the network in multiplayer

V1.0.3 Released on Steam, Again

So let’s redo v1.0.3 again, without the crashing at the start of story mode. We’ve also tweaked the multiplayer portion of the game, it should hopefully be smoother than before. We’re still continuing the optimization process.

Fixed crash bugs
Fixed multiplayer tower defense issues
Fixed passengers not synced up with the terrain in multiplayer
Fixed sometimes not being able to enter dungeon when latency is high
Fixed NPC skills in story coop
Fixed Kayla mission issue
Fixed placing a colony before the colony mission causing issues in story mode
Fixed block sync for multiplayer
Optimized some server code
Tweaked items in multiplayer
Added ladder script to the first towns in adventure
Added PS4 controller support (must reset controls in options)
Added ISO upload UI in multiplayer
Added more story animations

V1.0.3 Released on Steam

Another small patch. We’re looking to add PS4 controller support as well.

Fixed crash bugs
Fixed multiplayer tower defense issues
Fixed passengers not synced up with the terrain in multiplayer
Fixed sometimes not being able to enter dungeon when latency is high
Tweaked items in multiplayer
Added ladder script to the first towns in adventure

V1.0.2 Released on Steam

Another small patch for bug fixing.

Fixed several crash bugs
Fixed training station not training sometimes
Fixed grass not showing up sometimes in multiplayer
Fixed armor duplication bug
Fixed skilltree getting cleared when the server updates (but it doesn’t protect this time unfortunately)
Added tool tips to the mineral scanner

V1.0.1 Released on Steam

First patch! Another patch coming tomorrow. All saves should be safe, but if you ran into any issues, it’s recommended that you restart. We should solve most of the issues within this week, we just never had so many players going through everything, so we’re seeing some issues that are rare.


Fixed 10 crash bugs
Fixed not being able to get on the bike in multiplayer
Fixed Allen getting stuck sometimes with Gerdy
Fixed launcher text missing in Linux
Fixed no sound for learning scripts in multiplayer
Fixed pathfinding stuck using dungeon numbers when leave the dungeon
Tweaked easy mode numbers (so it’s a little more challenging)
Tweaked campfire sound

Planet Explorers Final 1.0 Released on Steam

And here we are, after two and half years in Early Access, we’re finally ready to release the game on Steam. This does not mark the end of development for this title, we will continue to bug fix, tweak, and update this game for at least another half a year, after that it will depend on sales. We plan to continue to add more side stories to both adventure and story mode. We’re also looking into putting in features that were left out of the final build, such as animal riding.

In this build, we’ve opened up the language spreadsheet so that players can do translations into their own languages if they want (and then load that spreadsheet ingame), we’ll talk more about this in a couple of days.

We have found that there have been players who change numbers with a third party software in multiplayer games, giving them the ability to one hit kill other players. So, we added an anti-cheating mechanism. When we detect cheaters, he or she will be kicked from the game. If this persists for 3 times, he or she will be banned from multiplayer and reported to Steam. This is a new feature that we hastily put together, so we do need a lot of community input on if this is the right way to go and if it’s fair for everyone involved.

We’re also in the process of pushing out a demo for new players and the OST for tomorrow (or whenever Steam approves). The OST’s a DLC and will cost $3.99 on Steam. The 32 bit version of the game will be later this week or next.

Finally, we want to thank everyone who’s been with us throughout Early Access, without you, we wouldn’t have been able to be where we are today. There were a lot of rough spots throughout development, but we tried our hardest to make the game as well as we can make it. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

P.S. Please help us spread the word about this game, tell you favorite streamer, Youtuber, new media, everyone and anyone!


Fixed 4 crash bugs
Fixed large wheel not having any torque
Fixed AI still discharging an attack after it’s already been killed
Fixed Type 01 gloves discription
Fixed not being able to drag objects into the world after exiting the tutorial level
Fixed Language Art mission
Fixed vehicles sometimes bouncing players into the sky
Fixed NPC dying then becoming unresponsive
Fixed NPC store reselling fixing durability of items right away
Fixed assembly core being destroyed with one hit sometimes in multiplayer
Fixed colony not being damaged when its maker is offline in multiplayer
Fixed some voice over and text not matching up
Fixed passengers on vtols not being able to get off after it explodes in multiplayer
Fixed blocks sometimes not saving in multiplayer
Tweaked item order in inventory in multiplayer
Tweaked distance for picking up and logging
Tweaked training station UI
Tweaked NPC name UI
Tweaked vtol’s ability to stay level when moving forward with large engines
Tweaked infection rate when picking up poop to much lower
Tweaked the size of the McTalk’s support structure
Tweaked sounds
Tweaked tutorial
Tweaked colony repair numbers and items
Added anti-cheating mechanism in multiplayer
Added ability to change game location in Linux in OptionConfig.xml
Added option to have scripts or not in multiplayer when creating server