V1.0.4 Released on Steam

A bunch of fixes this week. We fixed the skill tree resetting bug for real this time! We are also continuing to optimize the multiplayer code. Starting next build, we’ll be adding in more features and missions to the game. Once the current build stabilizes, we’ll be putting out the 32bit version and the standalone version on our site.

Added stamina expenditure for axe and sword use
Added settings for getting ISOs in dungeon (you will get different ISOs based on the level of dungeon)
Fixed firing sound not synchronizing with the animation
Fixed skill tree data issue
Fixed spelling errors in UI
Fixed no transmitter script in adventure
Fixed items being sold in the wrong store
Fixed several UI crash bugs
Fixed the scroll bar in the repair machine not being able to scroll
Fixed NPC job title not being updated after player assigned jobs in Personnel
Fixed zero durability loss for ISOs in multiplayer
Fixed the usage of monster beacon in multiplayer (now a team can only place one monster beacon)
Fixed multiple players cannot proceed with multiple monster beacons at different locations in multiplayer
Fixed load file error when saving game after loading old saves in multiplayer
Fixed skill tree not being able to save in multiplayer
Fixed the data storage error for terrain and plants in multiplayer
Fixed NPC skills not being able to initialize in multiplayer story mode
Fixed multiple ashboxes in coop story
Fixed firebear shooting multiple fireballs in coop story
Fixed NPCs following other players in adventure multiplayer
Fixed Tariq fighting the Puja when he should be running away
Optimized ISO export in multiplayer
Optimized the network in multiplayer