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  1. 你好 我預購了你們的遊戲
    無法看到一開始的太空船 遊戲中也沒有任何的生物
    Hello I have preordered your game
    when i am doing story mode
    I can’t see the crashed ship and there are no animals around my game world
    please fix it ok?

  2. The site your using to Direct Download is horrific with Ad’s I can’t even get it to work. The Set up here leaves a lot to be desired. Why can’t you make it so I click the Dang button in the Game Menu and Done it Downloads… How hard is that? At Least don’t use this Crappy service your using and get something more manageable.

    • Don’t be such a pussy.
      It’s an Alpha.
      That means its not ready, YET!
      What would you like more. To have an auto update or a fix and new features?

      That said: I would play more often when updating wouldn’t be such a hassle.

      • Thats the whole point of us playing it, is to give feed back. And the update method has ruined the game for me at this point, much as it has yours I’m hearing.

        If they would like stronger in game feedback, then fixing things like this, that make people completely Stop Playing is constructive for that purpose.

        Als, Fix it so it converts the ISO’s it self and we don’t have to download anything extra. What another hassle to add thats not needed. You know where it saved the files, so just make it so if grabs ALL the ISO’s and converts them and puts them in the right spot. I can;t belive you didn’t do this already.

        Since i haven’t played in 2 months due to the hassle ( but keep checking if your doing anything to help us about it) I do not know for sure, but if you have removed the building modeling aspect thats stupid. How can you have people spend months building things very detailed and you just wipe them out? People will play Star Forge instead and just forget your game. I’m still coming back to check on the progress (if you can call it that) but it would be nice if you made it easy to finally play again.

  3. Whenever i unpack the files, i can not unpack 100% of the files.

    4 files fail to copy such as something called a pillar file, which is 2MB, 2 voxelform files such as a y 1 x 0 and a y 2 x 0 and another file names alien base.

    Even when i skip these files and run the game, the game never starts up and always crashes on startup, launcher works fine, tinkered with some of the settings and neither do the trick.

    I would like some help with this please ?

    • Well it is now working now, Check disk ran before OS startup and it must of cleared some of the paths to the programming libraries used for the OS to run simple functions like graphics etc.

      I am still concerned how i did not acquire 4 files especially since the voxel files are really important considering they could me map files or data that works with 3D pixels for the game.

  4. I downloaded the free demo hours ago. I could get in the game and customize my character, but when I was loading the map, it always stuck on 100% then did nothing, please help, thank you!

    Btw, I got its Mac version

  5. Is there some way to download the client without having to go through that awful download site? It put so many popup windows on my screen that I couldn’t even find the download button. I had to just kill the browser to get rid of all of them. Please, please offer some way for backers to get the client without the spam involved in that site.

      • Get Your Own Download Site. (wow what a Outstanding Idea!!)
        Steam Stinks IMHO as well.

        We have paid you $$ for a very incomplete game to help you develop it, Please will you Liston and help us be able to enjoy this game?

        • The game is incomplete, yes — It’s in alpha stage which is VERY early stages for player consumption. So yes, you have paid for it and they were nice enough to release an alpha to their backers so you could play the game and provide them with feedback on it, in its current state. Bugs and all.

          If you don’t like Mediafire and you don’t like Steam — You’re a very interesting character I’ll say that much. There’s the torrent option as well but I am guessing if you’re against modern distribution platforms you’d be against that as well.

          Give it a go though.

          • My feedback is, make the Update button do just that, auto update the game to the latest version.

  6. Hi (again)
    I tried your new demo build and saw the huge improvements but I have something odd happens: mobs are missing, I encounter NPC only.
    Is that a limitation of the demo or a bug?

    • EDIT: I just read you plan to add some translations in the near future; If you need somebody for the french one, please know I’m available 😉

  7. when i try to launch either games it says “game-data is not next to executable” i think its muking up the dirrectories by accident can u plz fix

  8. Please get away from MediaFire, YOU have the control to do it. Forceing your paying community to DL from this source is not fair to us. Yes Steam will fix this, you need to do something else tell they approve PE.
    Thank you for all your hard work, the game is amazing, Choice on how to get it to your community should have been fixed long ago.

  9. vfvoxelwater,isinwater single fx, single fy single fl
    camera controller,last update

    this is what i get every time i load up my save file.
    i have to start new. i am guessing the new update don’t like old land scape buildings we made

    • ya none of my save files work with new update. it do’s work if i start new. but thank you on this new update i been waiting for this

  10. Need Help!!! I downloaded the new version, unzipped the files, opened the launcher,, then I activated it. I . After that I clicked on Start and the screen went black with the blue circle. I waited for a while but nothing happened. I CTRL,ALT, DEL to get out, and the task manager said Not Responding. I tried it several times from the folder, with both .exe files, but same thing. Do I have to install this? There is no install file.

    I have Win7 64bit. Intel core i7-3930K Cpu 3.20Ghz 16GB Ram
    Please let me know how to get this to run.

  11. I bought the game, and when it has finished downloading from mediafire i try to extract it and WinRAR says that it is invalid, is there something specific i need to know to install the game? I paid for it so i kinda want my game 😛

  12. Good Game… But text as with most games nowadays is far too small.
    Please add an option for larger text or at least a scalable ui please.At 1920×1080 its ridiculously small.

  13. This problem, bought the game in steam and can not run, first a black screen and then crashes without any errors, updated drivers for the video card. Apologies may write with mistakes, I’m from Russia.

  14. Can you post a link with a save file, for those who are stucked in the layerback nest quest? With the quest completed if it’s possible, thanks!

  15. Hey, I downloaded the demo and really like the game. One question is that, whats the difference between the demo and the real game? Because I was going to buy it and then saw the demo and played it.