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  1. teleportation booths need to be in the game, I’ll be teleported to put down.aircraft and air
    space to do in the game.lightsabers and laser guns in the game should be.Robots help me to
    protect me and to help me to do.

  2. i have tried to download this 6 times i get to about 60% and it stops completely I wouldn’t like to buy the game then not be able to evan download it disappointing really

  3. i wont to say thank you for this. i got the game today key worked got key right away.. game is very nice.something i been looking for a long time…. i been play the a053 for about a week or 2 and was laging … with 0.71 its like a new game i have not laged at all.. i did not thank there be this much defrence in the game.. but wooow.. the layouts better the game play is better . there is 10x more stuff even the grass was better …. by the way i like how you got the landscape ..

    p.s the only problem i have with this is autosave ? is there a way to turn off autosave. its not a big deal at all really but i just like a clean setup …

  4. Im confused, I paid money for the game and am enjoying it. If they keep giving it away for free what is the benefit of having paid for it please ? Not being rude or confrontational just a little confused.

    • wait a sec………….. is only version .53 free ? if so that makes perfect sense, may have just answered my own question. Move along nothing to see here : )

  5. i don’t know if i should ask this here but, will we in the future be able to create our on animals and will we be able to go to space and explore other planets?

  6. Where is the Mac Demo for .53????? I would love to buy the game but first I want to make sure it runs correctly on my computer and is not laggy as heck. I’ve been waiting since November for the Mac Demo!

  7. is there an issue with these two quest bury the dead and cultivating

    i buried the 2 mission i get the mission complete but the quest giver still has ? above him

    and the second quest use up 15 fertilizers can’t figure out how.

  8. thanks for the update 0.72 fixed a lot with this. also thanks for making it run off my old save file from 0.71 i was worried about having to restart everything. but i needed this update πŸ™‚

  9. game wage paying but I bought an unfinished game for the money I paid I ask you with the full version demo what is the difference between ? the money I received this game is a lot of unfinished there is an error I think with the full version of the demo, there is no difference between there is no need to pay money to a demo to download and play.

  10. anyone having problem with mob diplay?
    I cant see any mob, crushed spacecraft(the one at the beginning and doctor’s), health pod in ver.0.72 game.

  11. I don’t know if this is planed or not, but it would be nice to click Update and it just does it and we don’t have to goto some wired site that trips my anti-virus software all up. I figure it’s comming, it just would be nice to have it set up already since we know we will be going though a ton more updates in the future..

  12. Mine is stuck at 100% after I created my character…
    I’m currently downloading (the linux version, this time) all over again, and maybe it will work on my other laptop.
    This game looks amazing, I can’t wait to try it.

      • Omg ! Thank you it works ! It’s slow, as expected but I’m going to lower down the graphic settings. It’s working on both linux (debian, archLinux AND openSuse just in case you would like to know) and windows using what the “Cpu” option.
        I wanting to try this game so bad ! Thank you.

  13. This game is fantastic with deadly allure to a Minecraft fan like myself.However,Iiving in china,I’m unable to download it without VPN.And the downloading speed is unacceptable when VPN is on.I hope you could make it accessible for players in the mainland of China.

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