Beta 0.5 Released on Steam

This build came out a little earlier than expected, because we pushed the adventure mode and balancing changes to the next build, due to several issues in story that just couldn’t wait (namely the Allen Carter getting ported back to the colony issue at the Martian colony). We also did some tweaking to the start of the story mode so that players can get into the groove of the game much faster (by having Gerdy give out the bow and arrow and Allen give out a motorbike). Next build should be out around the 14th.


Fixed scrambled adventure map
Fixed “destroy and see” mission not counting correctly in multiplayer
Fixed Allen Carter teleporting back to the colony during the rescue mission
Fixed character skin and hair color changing
Fixed aim issue in 4K
Fixed world map not showing completely in 4K
Fixed mouse position being off in 4K
Fixed colony change armor UI changing the shapes of characters or deleting them
Fixed some trees not shining when being planted
Fixed Chen shooting animation sliding
Fixed some NPC skills icons being wrong
Fixed after a switch to the Mari currency fast travel still using meat
Fixed adventure skill tree appearing in story mode
Fixed birds not being deleted in multiplayer even when the AI turns off
Fixed NPC ragdoll issue
Fixed NPC following doing back and forth sometimes
Fixed adventure difficulty changing to normal upon loading
Fixed vehicle weapons aim
Fixed follower robot not attacking ranged foes
Fixed Creation tooltips
Fixed ISO beds not working in multiplayer
Fixed NPC eye problems
Changed name of pivot to hinge in scripts
Changed Puja salad to native salad
Changed block textures
Tweaked Tariq mission so that players can fight the Pujans
Tweaked Peter mission so that players can fight the Pajans
Tweaked monster beacon animal spawn types
Tweaked McTalk structure placement distance
Tweaked the level of ambient sounds
Tweaked Andy ingame aid
Tweaked fatigue animation so that it’s further apart
Tweaked ISO weapon aim
Tweaked building UI so that icons grays out when in voxel building mode
Added prompt UI for when something is in the way of building
Added sound effects
Added cave pathfinding points in story mode
Added simple controller support
Added Kayla’s song
Added more NPC voiceovers
Added ISO motorcycle to Allen Carter mission
Added wooden bow and arrow to the weapons Gerdy gives