Beta 0.8 Released on Steam

We’ve spent the last two weeks furiously fixing and tweaking stuff. Now that we’re not focusing on adding stuff, fixing and tweaking issues has become a lot easier. The new crash reporting function has helped us a lot. We’ve found that more than half of the bugs we’ve received are due to players loading old incompatible saves in adventure mode. As you know, we’re changing adventure mode with every build, so its saves are not safe until final. We do need everyone’s help in going through Story mode, we’re going through it everyday, but since it takes 15 hours at the fastest for a run through, finding bugs there is slow going. Our next build will be next week.


Fixed many crash bugs
Fixed animals sleeping in dungeons
Fixed followers not following
Fixed author not able to reupload to Workshop
Fixed name and HP appearing very big in first person when looking up
Fixed scripts not in versus mode
Fixed memory leak when getting colony placement mission in adventure mode
Fixed trees falling over with one axe swing in multiplayer
Fixed Linux issues with Clear the Nest mission
Fixed Linux issues with Helping Gerdy mission
Fixed “not enough materials” UI bug when placing voxels
Fixed being able to pick up chair while sitting on it
Fixed followers circling when trying to help cut a tree on a slop
Fixed stair collisions for buildings
Fixed some tree models not having roots
Fixed Calling Home mission issues
Fixed player not being able to get up sometimes due to ragdoll
Fixed NPC that gives the mission being different from the one who receive it
Fixed birds not countering sometimes
Fixed sound stuttering
Fixed Rol not telling you she’ll join you if the player fast travels
Fixed training facility displaying “you can’t enter build mode”
Fixed multiple targets appearing on large map when in tower defense
Fixed crash when two players pick up an object at the same time in multiplayer
Fixed multiplayer recruit and release NPC bug
Fixed server being set to unlimited supplies on default
Fixed being able to delete empty saves
Fixed not being able to complete Gerdy missions from start game after the stasis tube
Fixed Andy popping up after fast travel
Fixed animals getting stuck on rocks sometimes
Fixed GRV boss HP being too high to see
Fixed protect objects increasing indefinitely in the colony UI
Fixed being able to hit own NPC in survival mode
Fixed not being able to see another player pulling out weapon in multiplayer
Fixed Botonist’s List mission cannot be completed
Fixed not being able to access diplomacy in the menu
Fixed no incubator given in the adventure story
Fixed recycle machine being able to replicate items
Fixed repair machine being able to replicate items
Fixed upgrade machine being able to replicate items
Fixed inaccurate guns for vehicles
Fixed Given_Name issue in adventure mode
Fixed multiple propellers on vehicles being too loud
Fixed not being able to repair the scuba mask
Fixed talking with NPC when the server turns off causing a crash
Fixed NPCs not appearing in the quarantine tent in story mode
Fixed adventure UI issue with the monster beacon in multiplayer
Fixed NPC voiceover stopping suddenly
Fixed issue with the save causing the NPCs to not be clickable
Tweaked bird range attacks
Tweaked the cost of the revival shot
Tweaked some player animations
Tweaked NPC revive time slower
Tweaked colony replicator so that it always leaves two spots for the player
Tweaked some mission rewards in story mode so players don’t have to collect these items again
Tweaked flora appearing beyond the terrain
Tweaked Character Creation UI
Tweaked alien town HP so they’re easier to destroy
Tweaked group ai attack so they don’t all swarm at the same time
Tweaked animal HP and ATK
Tweaked boss loot drops
Tweaked story NPC weapons
Tweaked adventure side quests
Tweaked adventure items and script distribution
Tweaked adventure shop items
Tweaked mini-map icon colors to match in game colors
Tweaked NPCs hitting members of the same team having too much effects
Tweaked robot count in the final battle
Tweaked in game models
Tweaked build mode close icon
Tweaked the amount of force received when blocking with a shield (ctrl)
Optimized NPC pathfinding on multi-floors
Added more Andy prompts in story mode
Added Andy voiceover
Added a new cave dungeon
Added function to hide old incompatible saves
Added laser rifle
Added NPC sprinting to catch up to prey
Added ability to sell scripts
Added ability to buy scripts from stores
Added NPC facing the player when talking
Added adventure tower defense enemy types
Added being able to shoot guns underwater
Added new diamond tools models
Added tool tips
Added enemy numbers selection on adventure map creation UI
Added more NPC voiceovers
Added more adventure story content