Beta 0.81 Released on Steam

A patch to fix all the crash issues that we’ve received so far since a0.8. Next build should be this weekend.


Fixed many crash bugs
Fixed colony repair costing too much
Fixed adventure missions not spawning enemies when the area is in water
Fixed no markers for robot fish in the Epiphany engine mission
Fixed some sounds being too loud
Fixed Andy playing wrong sound clips
Fixed fruit delivery mission Agnes display issue
Fixed colony issues with no eating, NPCs standing at the same spot, etc.
Fixed sound issue when a dialogue UI pops up
Fixed not being able to talk with a NPC after a while in adventure
Fixed Skyrunner rising off the ground when talking
Fixed picking up tradepost showing -1
Fixed tower defense situations being triggered while NPCs are talking
Fixed issue with losing control of vtols to the assault crafts mission
Changed some character dialogue in story
Modified some hair models
Modified some animations
Added more adventure missions
Added more NPC voice overs
Added NPC greetings and farewells
Added bending roads in adventure
Added animal wiki to adventure
Added colony explanations under help