Beta 0.82 Released on Steam

Another small patch that fixes some crashes and bugs. Please note that we’re in the process of moving some single player adventure elements into multiplayer, that’s why there are some issues there. Please tell us when you hit or get hit by any of them.


Fixed some crash bugs
Fixed some story bugs
Fixed some adventure bugs
Fixed animal movement bugs
Fixed Allen fighting animals while carrying Gerdy
Fixed NPC greeting sounding every time the talk UI comes up
Added 4 guns

Beta 0.81 Released on Steam

A patch to fix all the crash issues that we’ve received so far since a0.8. Next build should be this weekend.


Fixed many crash bugs
Fixed colony repair costing too much
Fixed adventure missions not spawning enemies when the area is in water
Fixed no markers for robot fish in the Epiphany engine mission
Fixed some sounds being too loud
Fixed Andy playing wrong sound clips
Fixed fruit delivery mission Agnes display issue
Fixed colony issues with no eating, NPCs standing at the same spot, etc.
Fixed sound issue when a dialogue UI pops up
Fixed not being able to talk with a NPC after a while in adventure
Fixed Skyrunner rising off the ground when talking
Fixed picking up tradepost showing -1
Fixed tower defense situations being triggered while NPCs are talking
Fixed issue with losing control of vtols to the assault crafts mission
Changed some character dialogue in story
Modified some hair models
Modified some animations
Added more adventure missions
Added more NPC voice overs
Added NPC greetings and farewells
Added bending roads in adventure
Added animal wiki to adventure
Added colony explanations under help

Beta 0.8 Released on Steam

We’ve spent the last two weeks furiously fixing and tweaking stuff. Now that we’re not focusing on adding stuff, fixing and tweaking issues has become a lot easier. The new crash reporting function has helped us a lot. We’ve found that more than half of the bugs we’ve received are due to players loading old incompatible saves in adventure mode. As you know, we’re changing adventure mode with every build, so its saves are not safe until final. We do need everyone’s help in going through Story mode, we’re going through it everyday, but since it takes 15 hours at the fastest for a run through, finding bugs there is slow going. Our next build will be next week.


Fixed many crash bugs
Fixed animals sleeping in dungeons
Fixed followers not following
Fixed author not able to reupload to Workshop
Fixed name and HP appearing very big in first person when looking up
Fixed scripts not in versus mode
Fixed memory leak when getting colony placement mission in adventure mode
Fixed trees falling over with one axe swing in multiplayer
Fixed Linux issues with Clear the Nest mission
Fixed Linux issues with Helping Gerdy mission
Fixed “not enough materials” UI bug when placing voxels
Fixed being able to pick up chair while sitting on it
Fixed followers circling when trying to help cut a tree on a slop
Fixed stair collisions for buildings
Fixed some tree models not having roots
Fixed Calling Home mission issues
Fixed player not being able to get up sometimes due to ragdoll
Fixed NPC that gives the mission being different from the one who receive it
Fixed birds not countering sometimes
Fixed sound stuttering
Fixed Rol not telling you she’ll join you if the player fast travels
Fixed training facility displaying “you can’t enter build mode”
Fixed multiple targets appearing on large map when in tower defense
Fixed crash when two players pick up an object at the same time in multiplayer
Fixed multiplayer recruit and release NPC bug
Fixed server being set to unlimited supplies on default
Fixed being able to delete empty saves
Fixed not being able to complete Gerdy missions from start game after the stasis tube
Fixed Andy popping up after fast travel
Fixed animals getting stuck on rocks sometimes
Fixed GRV boss HP being too high to see
Fixed protect objects increasing indefinitely in the colony UI
Fixed being able to hit own NPC in survival mode
Fixed not being able to see another player pulling out weapon in multiplayer
Fixed Botonist’s List mission cannot be completed
Fixed not being able to access diplomacy in the menu
Fixed no incubator given in the adventure story
Fixed recycle machine being able to replicate items
Fixed repair machine being able to replicate items
Fixed upgrade machine being able to replicate items
Fixed inaccurate guns for vehicles
Fixed Given_Name issue in adventure mode
Fixed multiple propellers on vehicles being too loud
Fixed not being able to repair the scuba mask
Fixed talking with NPC when the server turns off causing a crash
Fixed NPCs not appearing in the quarantine tent in story mode
Fixed adventure UI issue with the monster beacon in multiplayer
Fixed NPC voiceover stopping suddenly
Fixed issue with the save causing the NPCs to not be clickable
Tweaked bird range attacks
Tweaked the cost of the revival shot
Tweaked some player animations
Tweaked NPC revive time slower
Tweaked colony replicator so that it always leaves two spots for the player
Tweaked some mission rewards in story mode so players don’t have to collect these items again
Tweaked flora appearing beyond the terrain
Tweaked Character Creation UI
Tweaked alien town HP so they’re easier to destroy
Tweaked group ai attack so they don’t all swarm at the same time
Tweaked animal HP and ATK
Tweaked boss loot drops
Tweaked story NPC weapons
Tweaked adventure side quests
Tweaked adventure items and script distribution
Tweaked adventure shop items
Tweaked mini-map icon colors to match in game colors
Tweaked NPCs hitting members of the same team having too much effects
Tweaked robot count in the final battle
Tweaked in game models
Tweaked build mode close icon
Tweaked the amount of force received when blocking with a shield (ctrl)
Optimized NPC pathfinding on multi-floors
Added more Andy prompts in story mode
Added Andy voiceover
Added a new cave dungeon
Added function to hide old incompatible saves
Added laser rifle
Added NPC sprinting to catch up to prey
Added ability to sell scripts
Added ability to buy scripts from stores
Added NPC facing the player when talking
Added adventure tower defense enemy types
Added being able to shoot guns underwater
Added new diamond tools models
Added tool tips
Added enemy numbers selection on adventure map creation UI
Added more NPC voiceovers
Added more adventure story content

ISO Design Contest Result

Hey guys,

Finally, here comes the result list for the ISO design contest. We’ve got a lot of designs coming from players all over the world. Now we selected 20 ISOs as templates in our creation system tutorial. We need these template SIMPLE and WITHOUT using any customized materials or textures. So if you are not in the list, please don’t feel sorry about it. It doesn’t mean your work is not good, it’s just they are too fancy to be the template in the tutorial…

As promised, we will send out email along with steam keys to the players below (one steam key for one template). And we’ll also list your name in the game credit. So please keep an eye on your mailbox/message box.

Anyway, here is the list:

ISO contest result

ISO contest result

Besides, we reeeeeally think it’s a shame for some works cannot be shown to other players. We’ve got so many beautiful ISOs. So we decided to post these designs on facebook, twitter and any of our social media site, well of course the precondition is that you are comfortable with our decision. If you don’t want us to do that, please write us an email about it via

Thank you so much! Have fun in game!

Beta 0.7 Released on Steam

We’ve added the final large new feature to the game in this build, which is the adventure single player mainline story addition. Players of course can ignore it and do what they have been doing in Adventure mode all along. Besides the storyline, we’ve also added new sidequests and enemy states to this mode. Now, this isn’t something complicated like in Civilization, but you will be able to destroy enemy towns or make peace with them. Some features are still missing (such as making peace) and will be in in the next build. All replication scripts have been taken out, so players will need to find them by doing missions or hit the dungeons. Also in this build, we’ve tweaked the strength of some of the boss animals, they’re probably a little too hard now. But please try it out and give us some feedback. We’re done adding in any major new features, so what awaits are tweaks (balance, animation, control, UI, player accessibility), bug fixes, and small additions (like more ambient sounds and npc sounds). We’re going through all the suggestions and feedback from players and will try to polish the game as much as possible before release.


Fixed collision issues in the desert city
Fixed able to use Linux to start server under HeadlessServer (must install mono-runtime)
Fixed grass disappearing too slowly
Fixed iso guns disappearing in first person
Fixed mission UI not showing the target NPC portrait sometimes
Fixed hydrogen taking too much time to replicate
Fixed Paja ranged soldiers sometimes not fighting when close
Fixed Paja launcher center not having a door
Fixed animals lunging and not moving
Fixed NPC standing on his/her own body when dead
Fixed colony parts not counting for missions when they’re placed before the mission
Fixed sometimes player getting up slowly from ragdoll
Fixed 33 different UI bugs
Fixed many colony bugs
Optimized stuttering due to NPC spawning
Optimized tree generation
Optimized stuttering caused by antialiasing
Optimized Puja and Paja so that they don’t switch weapons so often
Optimized AI so that they don’t run into things as often
Tweaked NPC behavior so that they can get ammunition directly from the colony storage
Tweaked animal AI defense and HP (might be a little hard right now, still tweaking)
Tweaked replicator speed for handheld and colony
Added human enemies
Added ability to hide the small map
Added AI opting for range weapons first
Added AI group attacking different targets
Added AI calling for help
Added AI group retreating behavior
Added limitation to the amount of AI attacking the player at the same time in a group
Added adventure storyline for single player
Added new random missions for adventure mode
Added enemy states to the adventure map in single player
Added building ruins when a building is destroyed
Added UI guide for driving vehicles
Added dungeon with human enemies
Added more player made template ISOs
Can no longer continue game after a crash (which could cause more issues)
Can now send us the crash data after a crash

Beta 0.6 Released on Steam

We ran into some issues while adding a storyline to the adventure mode, so that has been pushed to the next build, again. But we’re getting pretty close there. Game balancing is also being focused on for the next build. For this build, we’ve fixed a lot of bugs, added some new things, and tweaked a bunch. The biggest change is with the replicator. We’re trying to separate the handheld replicator with the colony one. So that means we’re fine tuning the replication speed. The colony replicator with workers will be much, much faster than the handheld, this is still being worked on for the next build, so it’s not completely in yet. We hope to hear some feedback on this topic. Next build will be out next Friday-ish.


Fixed follower UI and colony UI not being consistent
Fixed AI being indecisive
Fixed AI pausing before action
Fixed AI not being able to lunge while running
Fixed Puja putting away weapon before attacking another target
Fixed sound stuttering
Fixed NPCs in the colony chasing one animal
Fixed Michael being pulled back to the colony on the swamp mission
Fixed NPC money not renewing each day in multiplayer adventure
Fixed the dayu not dropping the fish tail and scales each time
Fixed not being able to change the image type on the large map
Fixed iso beds speeding up time in multiplayer
Fixed Rol and Kayla mission conflict when cancelling one of the missions
Fixed adventure mode NPC death in vehicle ragdoll issue
Fixed Peter’s eyes model issue
Fixed colony repair machine UI issue
Fixed range weapon and mission UI having conflict
Fixed tutorial crash
Fixed collision on some desert city ruins
Fixed some plants when grown cannot be clicked on
Fixed RQAnimation crash
Fixed Gerdy turning in the healing machine in multiplayer
Fixed not being able to dodge right away when wielding dual weapons
Fixed NPCs being sent to 0,0 in story coop
Fixed L1 section collision issues
Fixed follower NPC UI issue when changing armor
Fixed random NPC not having any ammunition when made follower
Fixed BTMonster crash
Fixed NPC following the wrong player in story coop
Fixed UI blocking mouse access bug
Optimized loading and spawning
Optimized ragdoll
Tweaked bird sounds so that the player gets warned when attacked
Tweaked sellers of items in storymode so that if a npc dies, someone will still have the item
Tweaked guide wording for build mode
Tweaked some NPC stats
Tweaked animal spawn in caves
Tweaked ambient sound distance
Tweaked fusion plant to more output
Tweaked NPCs so they don’t get hungry or sleepy when under attack
Tweaked block type textures (will add more later)
Tweaked the speed at which the replicator operates, more objects will take more time
Tweaked the monorail so the player can get on or off without pointing at the rail
Tweaked build mode free camera so it can also penetrate water
Added prompt for player when the game is using the integrated gpu instead of the stand alone gpu
Added organic fertilizer to adventure mode
Added work icon for the follower when he/she’s working
Added the heat pack (more advanced than torches)
Added UI sound effects
Added more sound effects
Added cancel to the replicator
Added controller enable option in Options
Added controller remapping
Added plants dropping pigments
Added more variety to NPC colony foods
Added Puja/Paja sounds
Added Paja weapons
Added more voiceovers
Added damaged (not destroyed) blocks in colony shield auto regenerate
Added 2 robot bosses to adventure mode
Added colony medical facility giving medicine to the storage
Added Chinese to the creation system

Beta 0.5 Released on Steam

This build came out a little earlier than expected, because we pushed the adventure mode and balancing changes to the next build, due to several issues in story that just couldn’t wait (namely the Allen Carter getting ported back to the colony issue at the Martian colony). We also did some tweaking to the start of the story mode so that players can get into the groove of the game much faster (by having Gerdy give out the bow and arrow and Allen give out a motorbike). Next build should be out around the 14th.


Fixed scrambled adventure map
Fixed “destroy and see” mission not counting correctly in multiplayer
Fixed Allen Carter teleporting back to the colony during the rescue mission
Fixed character skin and hair color changing
Fixed aim issue in 4K
Fixed world map not showing completely in 4K
Fixed mouse position being off in 4K
Fixed colony change armor UI changing the shapes of characters or deleting them
Fixed some trees not shining when being planted
Fixed Chen shooting animation sliding
Fixed some NPC skills icons being wrong
Fixed after a switch to the Mari currency fast travel still using meat
Fixed adventure skill tree appearing in story mode
Fixed birds not being deleted in multiplayer even when the AI turns off
Fixed NPC ragdoll issue
Fixed NPC following doing back and forth sometimes
Fixed adventure difficulty changing to normal upon loading
Fixed vehicle weapons aim
Fixed follower robot not attacking ranged foes
Fixed Creation tooltips
Fixed ISO beds not working in multiplayer
Fixed NPC eye problems
Changed name of pivot to hinge in scripts
Changed Puja salad to native salad
Changed block textures
Tweaked Tariq mission so that players can fight the Pujans
Tweaked Peter mission so that players can fight the Pajans
Tweaked monster beacon animal spawn types
Tweaked McTalk structure placement distance
Tweaked the level of ambient sounds
Tweaked Andy ingame aid
Tweaked fatigue animation so that it’s further apart
Tweaked ISO weapon aim
Tweaked building UI so that icons grays out when in voxel building mode
Added prompt UI for when something is in the way of building
Added sound effects
Added cave pathfinding points in story mode
Added simple controller support
Added Kayla’s song
Added more NPC voiceovers
Added ISO motorcycle to Allen Carter mission
Added wooden bow and arrow to the weapons Gerdy gives

Beta 0.41 Released on Steam

A small patch.

Fixed character transparency issue after death
Fixed NPC missing at 0,0 point when another NPC tries to find him/her
Fixed NPC some skills descriptions being wrong
Fixed NPCs not hitting Paja and Puja laying on the ground
Fixed blurry font being checked in options on default
Fixed random missions sometimes not saving correctly
Fixed processing facility workers suffocating
Fixed build mode instructions not consistant with actual controls
Fixed follower dying and not moving bug after getting released
Tweaked pickaxe speed so it’s faster
Tweaked monorail joints so that it auto adjust to obstacle height and delete trees in the path
Tweaked Andy guidance UI
Tweaked fish tail and scales to rare items
Tweaked colony animations
Added option for having prompt for gathering in options
Added ending cg
Added colony sound effects
Added Allen Carter voiceover

Beta 0.4 Released on Steam

In this build, we’ve continued to kill bugs and tweak issues. We added in a new tutorial system in Story mode so that new players will not be lost. For the next build, we’ll start the comprehensive balance tweaks and adventure mode storyline, around September 5th. We’re also looking at how to get the game working correctly in 4K, finally got a 4K monitor in the studio.


Fixed audio manager crash
Fixed colony network nullreference crash
Fixed behave runtime select weapon crash
Fixed bonepanel UI crash
Fixed not being able to change the brush from the quickbar in build mode
Fixed window not closing when exporting iso buildings
Fixed only seeing the weapons of a NPC and not the body
Fixed dash stuttering when turning camera very fast
Fixed Chen not joing colony if left at Giant Tree
Fixed Adisa eyes problem when in idle
Fixed players and NPCs not being able to use items in multiplayer on Linux
Tweaked andhera attack and defense, probably should avoid now
Tweaked story NPC missions so that they’re not prepetual
Tweaked disease system so players will know when you’re about to get sick and do something about it
Tweaked AI spawn map
Tweaked follow missions so that NPCs can also fast travel
Tweaked adventure terrain generation
Tweaked Calling Home mission
Tweaked lights in the tutorial level for better performance
Tweaked old effects
Tweaked vehicle attack power for cannons
Tweaked animal sounds
Tweaked animal spawn numbers a little lower
Tweaked shockwave gun so it takes more energy
Tweaked mouse pointer
Deleted some unidentified objects
Optimized group AI
Optimized AI physics
Optimized birds running into objects
Added new guidance for the Creations System
Added simple template ISOs to the Creations System
Added new effects
Added NPC skill advanced explorer icon
Added new Andy guidance system in game (can turn off in options, some bugs)
Added voiceovers for 5 NPCs
Added ISO parts descriptions
Added more ambient sounds
Added new NPC animations
Added new player animations
Added reloading a gun for NPCs